Big Shoulders

Poster Illustration

Drink Can Art using the Fonts for Chicagoans

Drink up Chicago

My submission for "Big Shoulders: Fonts for Chicagoans" hosted by Chicago Graphic Design Club, where we a 11x17in poster using the Big Shoulders typeface created by Chicagoan Patric King. You can download the Big Shoulders typeface via Google Fonts.

My Statement

During my time in 2019 as a student, it was my first time commuting to Chicago on a daily basis. Ever since then, I meet with classmates, look at the posters in most sidewalks, and overall observing the culture of Chicago. It was a good source of inspiration. Every school day was a taste of Chicago giving me the motivation and energy in life and design.

Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Sketch


Concept & Process

Final Results



You Made it!