Submission Collection

Illustration Society Here

This is a collection of submission for a magazine called ISH (Illustration Society Here) by Adam Frommelt.

Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator
Photoshop Sketch



Artist Statement

I’ve always been a big fan of mascot art because of its cartoon-like, cel-shading style. This illustration was inspired by sports and e-sports logos by many of the designers around the web. During my work process, I had brainstormed and sketched many word combinations to make the design theme for the mascot. I ended up using the word “carrot” and “knight” and then naming it “Carriots”, a wordplay of “carrot” and “chariots”.

Deadice & Inferno


Continuing the cel-shaded art style inspired by esports and sports illustrations. The design behind ApocalyptISH is a battle between two philosophy that contrast each other. One being a futuristic structured icy-cold cyborg of ORDER "Deadice" and the other one being demon-like minion with uncontrollable fire of CHAOS "Inferno".


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