Columbia College Hollywood

A School For Storytellers

Columbia College Hollywood is a Liberal Arts & Design School in the Los Angeles area featuring educational programs inlcuding Cinema, Visual Effects, and Graphic Design + Interactive Media. From student worker to a part-time worker, I worked on various task to keep the school appealing to potential students, currently enrolled students, and the general audience who wants to make their passion put into work. The task I have done including social media, logos & graphics for their digital event Campaign, Stationeries, file organizing, and photo editing.

The Challenge

Bring more student enrollment for CCH and be more appealing to stand out from the competition.


Increased new student enrollment for the school from Events like contests, guest speakers, and high school programs. • Gain around 85-100 guests over at the Industry Chat series event

Graphics Department

Brad Statland • Manager + Senior Director of Community Relations
Jo Winebrenner • Graphic Designer + Photographer
Justin Amponin • Graphic Designer


Jan 2021 - March 2022


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Xd


Digital Assets
Digital Events

Social Media Compilation

Instagram & Facebook

I created a bunch of social media post for the CCH (and Flashpoint Chicago campus). Most of the highlights were celebration within holidays and special events.

Digital Campaign

Graphics for Events

Made logos and graphics for CCH's digital events including the high school program "New Horizons" where I create the logo and the award certificate for the winners. The Industry Chat series is a seasonal digital event where CCH brings a industry professional and have them talk about their experience and anwser questions from both enrolled and prospect students. These events gain around 85-100 guests.

New Horizons Logo & Award Frame


Flyers & Postcard

Created templates for the CCH staffs to use for their letterhead forms and social media. There were task where I have to design flyers and handouts for CCH's regular programs and also help students guide to enrollment process.


You Made it!

Other Works