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Team Liquid is an international professional esports organization featuring games such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and so much more. In late 2021, I was hired as an intern for the graphics department to deliver work on assets for Media Decks, Broadcast Graphics, Social Media graphics, Product Mockups, and Liquid+. It was a great experience working together as a team from different locations inside and outside of the United States. I get to meet with other interns and co-workers online and get to meet some of them in person in California.

The Challenge

As the first wave of interns for Team Liquid, it is our department’s job as graphic designers to set a great impression for future interns and the esports industry.


The Intern-day broadcast gain around 3.6K viewers total on Twitch • One of the CS:GO YouTube videos hit 400K views within 4 days after the upload date • Countless support from the Team Liquid fanbase and the esports community

Graphics Department

Kaitlyn Jang • Liquid+ (LLG)
Paula Valbuena • Social Media (LLG)
Justin Amponin • Style Guide, Broadcast (LLG)
Stacey Yamada • Special Thanks
Tiffany Peng • Special Thanks


Sept 2021 - Dec 2021 (~13 Weeks)


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dimension
Adobe Xd


Print & Digital Assets
Client Work

Liquid Legacy Guild 2021

Style Guide

I was in charge of creating the style guide for the Liquid Legacy Guild. My goal was to create a style guide for both designers and non-designers. So they can follow through with the style guide that is easy to digest while looking visualing appealing.

Design Process


After researching and exploring, our department and I had decided to stick with the Medival Fantasy Role-Playing game visual style since it is the perfect representation of hertiage and storytelling.

Concept Sketches

The team (Kaitlyn, Paula, and I) sketched up the ideas and later combine our ideas together which leads to an emblem-style logo featuring the work style class icons that was seen in the introduction video of the internship program.


After going with a direction on the concept sketches, I went vectorize our best concept and made adjustments to best represent the Legacy Guild both digital and print. We also use our concept sketches as graphic elements during the process. The Liquid Legacy Guild emblem represents the heroes’ pride, journey, and community. Reminding the interns how challenging the program is and how they will overcome while having fun.

Intern Broadcast

Liquid Legacy Guild 2021

Our main project of the Liquid Legacy Guild is the intern Broadcast stream on Team Liquid’s Twitch channel where we talk about our experience working at Team Liquid. We start with showing off the classes, the hosts, the interns, and lastly the Q&A session where all of the interns answer questions from the Twitch chat. You can watch the entire Intern Broadcast VOD Here on Team Liquid's Twitch Channel.


Justin Amponin Kaitlyn Jang Paula Valbuena Robert "Ardy" Ross Alvin Zou Felix Chun Alvina Zhang Catherine Lin Susan Cavalcanti Agnete Lien Wylie Sabrina Suazo Ashley Yung Rushi Patel Jake Effman Tristan St-Amour

Broadcast Graphics


Youtube, Twitter, & Twitch Graphics

Worked on designing the broadcast graphics for their Twitch channel. I created the graphics for the Team Liquid League of Legends Worlds’ 2021 Tailgate event. The LoL pro team illustration is by Samuel Lee. You can see the Worlds' Tailgate graphic in action here. I also designed the graphics for Team Liquid and their partner IMC Trading on a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament called “IMC COLLEGE CLASH”. The process behind the IMC graphics is having the branding of IMC trading with a Team Liquid twist into it. It was a collaborations with Kaitlyn (Logo) and Paula (Motion Graphic)

Along the way, I created YouTube Thumbnails for Team Liquid's YouTube channel, and one of the videos hit 400K views within 4 days after uploading. Social media templates were created, so people from other departments can change the text and photos with ease. Couple of them were data visualization on viewerships when TL were in a match (LoL & CS:GO).

Editorial Design

Article Banners & Liquid+

As a fan and avid player of Super Smash Bros. Melee, I couldn’t say no to a task that is Smash Bros-related. I have done editorial graphics for Team Liquid’s website, but the most notable graphics I have done were collaborations with Paula Valbuena for the article Melee Was Never/Always Lonely and Melee’s Ouroboros: The Spirit of Red Marth. The process starts with the sketch by Paula, followed by myself doing lineart, and finally the coloring and graphics by the both of us. The article and the website gain attraction and spread awareness of the longevity of Melee.

Liquid+ is a loyalty program that allows you to receive points and redeem rewards for being a fan of Team Liquid. You gain points by doing quests such as watching live events, attending events, sharing a post, reading an article and so much more. I and the graphics department were tasked to create assets for their program by producing icons from events and rewards and creating assets for promoting the program such as flyers and cards with a QR Code.

Honda Car Wrap

Honda wanted to include a Team Liquid-style car wrap on their 2022 Civic Hatchback for their booth at the SEMA 2021 event. As the final output for the car wraps, there were finalize image Photography by Honda & Autoblog Staff before showing it off at the SEMA 2021 trade show event. During the event, there are a lot of plushies of Team Liquid’s mascot Blue inside of the Honda civic according to the people who attends the event. (Video Source: Auto Moto Tube).


I started out vectorizing the existing car wrap files for the Honda Civic & Hatchback and use it as my base for the design. Created two iteration drafts with the Team Liquid style branding and another one featuring Team Liquid’s mascot Blue. The rooftop box is also branded with the logo and color. As the final iteration, it is a mix of both concepts where it is more emphasized of the general Team Liquid branding.


You Made it!

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